Feb 24 14:58:19 <Dinnerbone>  AndrewPH, we simply do not care about classic
Feb 24 14:58:31 <Cial>    :(
Feb 24 14:58:33 <AndrewPH>    Dinnerbone: tobias mentioned handing classic to the community
Feb 24 14:58:51 <Dinnerbone>  In what way?
Feb 24 14:58:52 <Grim_Reaper> \o/
Feb 24 14:58:53 <Grim_Reaper> Yay
Feb 24 14:58:54 <Dinnerbone>  Giving out its source?
Feb 24 14:58:57 <AndrewPH>    as in community support
Feb 24 14:58:57 <Grim_Reaper> Thankies :3
Feb 24 14:59:01 <AndrewPH>    and run by the community
Feb 24 14:59:09 <AndrewPH>    and hosted by the community presumably
Feb 24 14:59:20 <Dinnerbone>  You can go rehost it, I'm sure
Feb 24 14:59:23 <Dinnerbone>  But we aren't touching it
Feb 24 14:59:41 <Grim_Reaper> Not even just a little piggy touch?
Feb 24 14:59:54 <AndrewPH>    I made a replacement auth service for my classic server, but classic's applet doesn't work on anything but minecraft.net it seems
Feb 24 15:00:23 <Dinnerbone>  No Grim_Reaper
Feb 24 15:00:26 <Dinnerbone>  Not at all
Feb 24 15:00:32 <Grim_Reaper> Thought so
Feb 24 15:00:43 <AndrewPH>    Why, might I ask, are you guys so against doing anything with it?
Feb 24 15:04:27 <Dinnerbone>  Because it's not a product we want to continue to support
Feb 24 15:04:35 <Grim_Reaper> ^
Feb 24 15:05:08 <Dinnerbone>  If you want to play minecraft, play minecraft. Hell, you don't even need to pay for it. But this is an ancient, buggy, old version of minecraft that used to serve as a demo but got replaced
Feb 24 15:05:49 <Tear>    the latest minecraft can't have maps 2048 blocks tall.
Feb 24 15:06:17 <AndrewPH>    the latest minecraft doesn't have super-optimized server software :(
Feb 24 15:06:19 <Cial>    but we nolstagia so hard
Feb 24 15:06:35 <Dinnerbone>  Well that sucks
Feb 24 15:06:38 <Tear>    i did build something in classic by hand that needed 768 blocks of height
Feb 24 15:06:53 <Dinnerbone>  Classic doesn't have [pretty much anything that the current version has] neither.
Feb 24 15:06:56 <Dinnerbone>  And it won't.
Feb 24 15:07:10 <Dinnerbone>  Because it's an old version from eons ago that we don't support
Feb 24 15:07:19 <AndrewPH>    Are there any plans for allowing somebody in the community to maintain classic officially?
Feb 24 15:07:43 <Dinnerbone>  <Dinnerbone> In what way?
Feb 24 15:07:45 <Dinnerbone>  <Dinnerbone> Giving out its source?
Feb 24 15:07:49 <Dinnerbone>  What is: maintaining classic
Feb 24 15:08:03 <Dinnerbone>  Making sure it's hosted somewhere? Sure. Go rehost it. We don't care.